Asus Blue Cave Unique Dual-Band Wireless Router is Available At Huge Discount At Amazon ($90)

Asus Blue Cave 2-min

The dual-band wireless router Asus Blue Cave AC2600 has dropped to Amazon at $89.99. It’s a completely new low router price. The router sells up to $180 regularly. Black Friday was the last time it dropped as low as the present deal.

The Blue Cave is a well-rated, unique design and high-powered wireless router. The device uses 2.4GHz, 5GHz which provides advanced network capacity at data rates of up to 2600 Mbps. There are integrated safety features, including a commercial network security framework, which prevents external security risks and defends your devices Utilize advanced parental control in order to access, monitor and configure the Internet of your children, including the use of software on mobile devices.

Even if a dozen laptops, mobile phones, and computers are trying to get online at once, you can use the MU-MIMO technology to connect all your devices. Asus also makes it very easy to set it up.

You can also connect a Alexa Voice Control over your smart home to your Amazon Echo device. You will receive a free year Trend Micro Antivirus Security subscription for 2 mobile devices and two PCs.

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