This Discounted Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full Size Keyboard is Must Have For Your iMac At $22

The Arteck 2.4G Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full Size Keyboard is on sale right now at Amazon for just $22.38. Normally selling for $59.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly 33 percent on the original price.

All you need to do to utilize the keyboard is to simply insert the tiny USB receiver into your computer. Low-profile keys provide quiet and comfortable typing, while stainless steel gives off a heavy-duty feeling. Your fingertips will experience a whole new level of comfort because of the low-profile, whisper-quiet keys.

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Keep all of your frequently used features and media controls even closer than before with Windows-specific hotkeys. More than 3 million continuous uses of these scissors-kick keys are possible because of their design. A single charge of a rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity that leads the industry lasts six months (based on 2 hours of non-stop use per day). However, it has full-size keys, arrow keys, a number pad, and shortcuts for convenient typing despite its small size and low weight (14.9oz).

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You can use the keyboard right away by simply inserting the tiny USB receiver into your desktop or laptop computer. Up to 33 feet, or 10 meters, the Keyboard will function. It gives you easy access to frequently used features like text copy and paste, playback control, and volume level. Additionally, it has arrow keys and a tiny, portable number pad.

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