2-Pack Of Highly Rated Magnetic Phone Car Mount Is On Sale For $14 (38% OFF)

Amazon is right now offering the 2-pack Of APPS2Car Sturdy Stick-on Cell Phone Holder for $13.59. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 38 percent on the original price.

Before utilizing the magnetic phone mount, make sure it has had time to adhere properly. This is the only way to have the best adhesion. The 3M tape base is intended for one-time use only. We offer an extra adhesive pad in each kit in case of re-installation. Some curved, leather or vinyl dashboards may not be compatible with this magnetic car phone holder. If you have to remove the magnetic mount from your vehicle.

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Our revolutionary magnetic mount technology, which includes iPhone holder magnets, is stronger than any other mobile phone holder on the market. The compact design takes up little room in your car and gives you complete access to all controls and connectors. This magnetic phone holder is made of the best carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and the design of the magnetic surface ensures that it stands out in any context.

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The 3M adhesive mounting base of this magnetic phone holder for automobiles is sturdy enough to withstand even the roughest roads. It ensures that the mounting base will securely retain the powerful magnets mount head, keeping your smartphone in place even when it is in a bulky case.

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