Apple’s Pro Display XDR is Finally Available For Purchase On Amazon

Literally, there is nothing like Apple’s new Pro Display XDR on the planet. It is a 6K Retina display with image quality that you really have to believe in, and almost every feature that you can imagine is absolutely maxed out.

And that’s only the iceberg tip! If you’re working in an industry and really need such professional sorcery, you’ll be glad to know that the Pro Display XDR can now be bought from Amazon. How much is this madness going to put you behind? Regular glass Pro Display XDR is even $4,999, with a special nano-texture edition being upgraded at $5,999. Oh, and none of these prices include the Pro Stand, so you will be charged $999 extra.

If you have sufficient money to guarantee this kind of purchase, congratulations on living the dream. If you don’t spend as much on a PC monitor as the rest of us, as some people might spend on a car, Amazon has a bunch of other deals on awesome displays you definitely have to check it out. It might not be as spectacular as the Pro Display XDR, but it does not cost bazillions of dollars, either. The Space by Samsung is definitely our favorite — check out how nice the layout is.

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