Apple’s Official iPhone 7 & 8 Battery Case Now Available For $59 Only

You might have realized your phone’s battery getting less efficient over time, if you still use your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, especially if it’s one you purchased at launch or a few years ago. You know even if you use a new version, it will eventually happen. Fortunately, you can pick up the official Smart Battery Case from Apple at Amazon for only $59. It never felt so low before and it’s about $25 off its average for that price. The discount is for the black, red and white versions.

The case of Smart Battery helps ensure that your device never fails by giving it extra power without even having to activate it. With your smart battery case, you can browse the web for up to 22 hours, view video for 24 hours and talk for 26 hours, your iPhone 7 gives you up to 22 hours of battery life. The case is compliant with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 but,  you will not be able to use the wireless charging functions of the newer handset.

You can pick up the appropriate version of this battery case if you have a phone that is newer like something from iPhone X or 11 lineups.

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