Apple’s Official Battery Case For iPhone XS, XS Max & iPhone XR Are Almost 50% Off At Amazon

The Smart Battery Case of Apple is among the few cases we’d recommend for iPhone users. First of all, it does the job and significantly extends the battery life of your iPhone. Second, in a way that only Apple would be able to do – with deep integration.

Right now you have the opportunity to pick up one of these smart battery cases at a discounted price. They are available for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, all of which save considerably.

Regardless of which smart battery case you need, multiple colors are available. They all feature the magnificent microfiber fit, too, which keeps your iPhone safe and sound.

The exterior of the case consists of soft silicone which adds enormous friction to phones which are too easy nowadays to drop. We would recommend at least a case, but getting something like the smart battery case will give you the extra battery life.

And then, of course, the battery life is there. If the smart battery case differs from the others, iOS drains the external battery first of all automatically. That leaves the iPhone’s battery as the last to deplete, which in turn means you always have a full-capacity iPhone.

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