Apple’s Newly Launched Magic Keyboard With Built-In Track Pad Now Available To Pre-Order From Amazon

Last month, when the 2020 iPad Pro was announced, Apple first announced the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. It was then told that Apple couldn’t expect it to be available for purchase until May, but Apple seems to have been able to pull something out of the bag.

The news is that from next week, it will start to arrive in everybody’s homes, which is powerful, given all that goes on.

You can now order the 11-inch iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard from Amazon for $299. Those with the bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro need to give an additional $50.

However, it should be worth the expense. A number of ways are the new iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard ahead of the old Folio Smart Keyboard. It comes with a trackpad, just like a notebook, built inside of it.

The keys now use the famous scissor switches and are finally backlit. We just don’t understand why it took so much time to get an Apple claw for its own tablet that contains lights.

Sure, the accessory to collect is not a cheap one. But if you hope to take full advantage of the new support for trackpad added to iPadOS 13.4, this could be worth investing. Remember, order now, next week it will be at your doorstep!

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