Apple’s New AirPods Pro With Noise Canceling Feature Are $14 OFF At Amazon

We know nothing how it is, but Amazon just surprised us all by one of the rare offers on any famous Apple product. That’s right! The best-selling noise-canceling earbuds from Apple are now available at its lowest ever!!

AirPods Pro was first sold on Black Friday before the holidays last year. The majority of retailers still sold AirPods in full, as the hottest gift of the season, but Amazon sliced them down to $234.98 at all-time low prices. We have also seen them drop back to that sales price several times ever since, but each offer has one thing in common: at the time AirPods Pro was out of stock, and people had to sit around to be shipped.

But we have reached the lode today. AirPods Pro is back in stock at the all-time low price of Amazon. Though, it doesn’t reveal how long they stay. Bear in mind that Amazon shipments always ship orders before the quote says. We purchased AirPods Pro in less than 1 week when it arrived within 1-2 months.

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