Apple Lower The Price Of Magnetic Watch Charging Dock By $10

Apple MU9F2AM:A Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is now available for $69.00 on Amazon. Today’s price decrease is only Amazon’s third significant markdown to date, and it brings the price down from $79 to a new all-time low. This accessory matches your wearable with the superior in-house build you’d expect, whether you recently got the new Series 7 or want to freshen your Apple Watch bedside setup. Everything is held in place by a weighted design made of the same polyurethane as the rest of the Apple series, with a microfiber cloth lining on the bottom. The wearable can be charged in Nightstand mode or flat against the dock thanks to a fold-out design.

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Product Highlights:

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple Watch.

It charges all Apple Watch models and sizes.

And it connects via the Lightning to USB Cable and Apple 5W USB Power Adapter.

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