Apple Compatible Plugable Foldable Keyboard Drops To All Time Low On Amazon

Amazon has the Full-Size Foldable Keyboard from Plugable available for $46.95 when you click the coupon on the page. That saves you 8 dollars off the usual cost. It also brings the product to the lowest price we have seen since September of last year.

When unfolded, this well-rated foldable keyboard is full size, collapsing into a convenient size for easy carrying. In a standard QWERTY layout, it has six rows of standard size keys. Your purchase includes a leather-like case for your phone or tablet to fold into a convenient stand.

When plugged into a USB port, this keyboard works like a USB keyboard, but you can also connect it to Android and iOS compatible phones and tablets as well as Windows and Mac computers via Bluetooth. With function keys for things like volume, search, playback, and more, it can be customized for each option. It features a single charge battery lasting for weeks, and the keyboard itself is also durable.

Whether you’re looking to use your laptop as a desktop, you’re on an airplane and have work to catch up, or you’re going to have to regale the group chatting with the tea and your thumbs just won’t move fast enough, this keyboard is a great choice. For an even better experience, pair it with a laptop stand.

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