Apple Compatible Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones Drops To $99, Usually $149

Invest time in some Bose-quality audio! The headphones from Bose SoundSport Bluetooth fell to $99 on Amazon. There are three different colors available for the deal: Black, Aqua, and Citron. Usually, these headphones retail for around $149. It’s been quite literally a year since they fell that low last time. During big holiday shopping events like Black Friday, Bose is notorious for having only discounts on certain items.

The SoundSport offers a strong blend of high-quality audio performance with Bose effective EQ. Wireless connectivity includes pairing between Bluetooth and NFC. They work quickly and easily so you don’t have to waste your settings a lot of time fiddling. You’re also going to get voice prompts to let you know why.

The SoundSport comes with tips from Stay Hear+. Whether you are on the move and working out at the gym, they should stay in place in your eyes. And the SoundSport is also sweat-resistant when it comes to the pool. You might also be able to use them in the rain if you were already caught in a downpour. Just put on some slow music of jazz, lower your head, and think of existentialism.

The battery of the headphones lasts up to six hours, allowing you plenty of space to listen to your favorite music before recharging.

They are also not the only Bose headphones currently on sale. The magnificent Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headphones can be down to $279 at a low price. That’s about $70 off what they currently do. It’s definitely a much bigger investment, but you get some of the best active noise-canceling available, plus tons of other features including integration with Amazon Alexa.

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