Apple AirPods Pro Deal Is Not Over Yet!

Apple AirPods Pro

Some Black Friday deals last for weeks to the biggest shopping event of the year. Sadly, this may not be one of them. Various Apple AirPods models are discounted at Amazon all the time these days. A few short years ago, it would have been crazy to imagine Apple’s most popular accessories on sale at any discount. Now that Apple partner Amazon is selling its different products, discounts are no longer surprising. Of course, some Apple discounts are more notable than others.

If you buy them from Apple, Apple’s super-popular AirPods Pro costs $249. You know, every penny is worth it, why pay so much if Amazon always sells them at a discount? AirPods Pro will typically be discounted at $219 at Amazon, which is a substantial $30 savings. Then they could get an even bigger discount on rare occasions such as Prime Day. The huge Prime Day discount of Amazon is back, with Black Friday 2020 less than two weeks away.

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At Amazon, an early Black Friday 2020 deal reduces the brand new AirPods Pro to just $199.99. This is a wonderful price and a huge $50 discount compared to the Apple store! Other Apple AirPod models are now also being discounted at Amazon, but do not have the same $50 discount on the Pro model. Nobody can tell if this sale is going to stick around or go away before Black Friday, so take advantage as long as you can.

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