Apple AirPods is The Best Wireless Earbuds In The Market & Now More Affordable At $129!

The AirPods 2 brought small but significant changes to the AirPods range. Right now, for their best price, you can pull a pair of headphones. In accordance with the discount we saw for a limited time on Black Friday, Amazon is again offering AirPods 2 back to just $129, which is $15 less than we normally see for and $30 less than their retail price.

The AirPods 2, which still allows for simple pairing but also provides the possibility to read the SMS messages for you while headphones are in use, are the H1 chip inside instead of the W1. This deal concerns the version without the wireless charging case, so you need to charge it with a Lightning cable. This can be used in any Bluetooth-based device such as Android phones, Windows PCs, and more.

Whether you’re searching for your first pair of true wireless headphones or want to update your new headphones to AirPods 2, today’s day to go ahead and do that. Before the discount runs out, please collect them now.

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