Anyone With Qi-Enabled Smartphone Should Get This Discounted Anker Wireless Charger For $8

Wireless charging is not just user-friendly, but cheap. Chargers such as PowerWave 10W Wireless Charging Pad are extremely affordable nowadays, so you can’t save a lot by choosing traditional charging methods–if anything. You can begin charging wirelessly for only $7.99 and save $3 off the original cost of this well-verified accessory at Amazon when checking out with the promotional code AKA253SD.

This pad provides a high-10W charge for hardware that supports it, including the Samsung Galaxy line, and iPhone models charge at 7.5W. Any other Qi-enabled phone or device is charged at 5W.

Fortunately, with the most cases up to 5 mm thick, that wireless charging pad operates, but any metal or card on the back of the phone prevents charging. The average rate for existing users is 4.4 out of 5, based on 11,100 feedback. The 18-month warranty is also backed by Anker.

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