Anker’s Roav VIVA With Car Mount Today Drops To $22 From $39

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistants need not just stay at home. You can bring Alexa anywhere with the Anker Roav Viva USB car charger and begin using the Voice Service to get instructions, listen to the radio, play your favorite tunes and more–just ask. You even have a magnetic dashboard mount to hold your smartphone while you are driving, and now Amazon has a $22.29 discount package when you tap your on-site coupon and use the ARVIVA2229 promotional code during check-out. You are saving 17 dollars from the bundle’s current price, although it sold for 60 dollars until the end of last year.

You won’t have to ask your passenger for directions or to find traffic updates with Alexa in your vehicle. Just ask Alexa to look after things. Speak the word for your destination, the latest news and sports and more. On Amazon, you can even make purchases by asking Alexa to buy something for you, or by controlling compatible smart home devices. It features two built-in USB ports so that you can charge your smartphone and other gadgets while on the path.

Roav Viva’s ability to play songs for you is one of the best features. So you can still act as a DJ and play what you want to hear on the road. Alexa can access services such as Apple Music and Spotify, and not only Amazon Music Unlimited if you have your account.

The Roav Viva can also be used to make calls with its two embedded microphones that provide noise cancellation and Voice Identification to help focus on the conversation. You can connect your device via Bluetooth, CarPlay, Android Auto or even plug it into the aux input of your vehicle. With its purchase, Anker offers a one-year warranty.

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