Anker’s iPhone Wireless Charger With Apple Watch Holder is Down On Sale For $24 At Amazon

Usually, loading multiple items at once would require multiple wall outlets. It can be a problem if you live in an old house or just want power in the wrong place. That’s when multiple devices can be charged from a single charger, and there’s plenty to be had right now, so your iPhone and Apple Watch are wirelessly charged at the same time.

Right now, when you enter our special discount code AKRA2570 during check-out you can get your hands on the Anker 2-in-1 wireless charger for $23.99. This would normally sell for about $30 so you save a lot on hardly any work.

This single charger can power two things at a time, as the name suggests. They’ve got two possibilities for iPhone owners, one being an iPhone and the other an Apple Watch. The charging cable of Apple Watch – which you need to supply yourself – is both charged at the same time. It coils inside the wireless charger and connects it to a USB port.

The charger can be put flat on the Apple Watch or stood up to use the Nightstand mode if you like. Again, the whole thing uses only a single outlet.

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