Anker’s 19000 PD Power Bank Bundle Drops All Time New Low

You typically have to pay a heavy price if you want a top-of-the-line power bank with a huge capacity and tons of ports. But today, without spending a cash boatload, you can pick one up. This Anker PowerCore+ 19000mAh Power Bank Bundle is being offered by Amazon for $59.99. That’s half-off the normal price tag of $120, as well as $10 lower than the bundle drop we’ve seen before. Now is the best chance to score all this tech at a great price. Shipping is also free, and there are positive customer reviews so far.

The portable charger PowerCore+ 19000 can fully replenish up to six times the number of modern smartphones before it needs to be recharged. It also has sufficient capacity to charge a MacBook Pro completely. Basically, this handy device has tons of power packed into it. Depending on your device, it uses Power Delivery to deliver full-speed charging up to 27W. Three high-speed ports are also available for simulated charging.

Even sweeter, it is possible to use this power bank as a data hub. To sync data, connect accessories such as flash drives, and more, switch it to Hub Mode. For a power bank, this is a super unique feature, and it also means that you can reduce the number of cords, cables, dongles, adapters and other nonsense on your desk. The PowerCore+ is an elegant way to travel without sacrificing your options with all of your techs.

A 30W wall adapter is also included in your purchase, which would typically cost you at least $20 alone. Despite the massive capacity of the power bank, the included wall adapter can top up your power bank in just over three hours from dead to full. Compared to what you would get using a slower wall charger, that’s insanely fast. Traveling for the job? This power bank can top off any battery you own, and by the time you’re done, if you plug it in while you’re out for dinner, it should be at least half full. Just got your carry-on a lot lighter.

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