Anker’s 10-in-1 USB-C Hub For MacBook/iPad Gets 50% Discount At Amazon

Dual HDMI ports allow you to connect up to 2 monitors for display extension or mirroring at up to 4K.

A versatile 10-in-1 docking station, the Anker 563 USB-C Hub, sells for $48 on Amazon with an on-page coupon (originally $95). Its many ports make connecting multiple peripherals to a laptop easy. Its 2 HDMI ports for dual 4K displays, USB-C upstream port, USB-C data port, 2 USB-A data ports, SD and microSD card slots, Ethernet port, and 100W max PD-IN port make it a complete solution for mobile users who need extensive connectivity.

Dual 4K displays distinguish the Anker 563 USB-C Hub. Two HDMI ports allow up to two monitors to be connected at once for 4K display extension or mirroring. This helps professionals who need large, high-resolution displays for multitasking, graphic design, and video editing. Display extension or mirroring can boost productivity and make work more immersive.

Another benefit of this hub is fast file transfer. Large file transfers are fast with USB-C and USB-A data ports supporting up to 5 Gbps. Photographers, videographers, and graphic designers need this feature to transfer large amounts of data. Both USB-C and USB-A ports allow compatibility with many devices and peripherals.

The Anker 563 USB-C Hub’s 85W pass-through charging keeps your laptop powered while you use its functions. This feature prevents productivity loss during long work sessions by eliminating the need to switch chargers and power sources. However, the hub does not come with a compatible charger.

In addition to its practical features, the Anker 563 USB-C Hub is portable. It fits in a laptop bag and is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for frequent travelers. Despite its small size, the hub has features that rival larger docking stations, keeping you connected and productive wherever you are.

SD and microSD card slots make digital media work easier. Photographers and videographers can quickly transfer files from cameras to laptops, simplifying editing. You’ll need fewer accessories because this feature eliminates the need for extra card readers.

In places without Wi-Fi, the Anker 563 USB-C Hub’s Ethernet port provides a reliable wired internet connection. This feature keeps your internet connection stable and fast for online meetings, streaming, and large file downloads. This is a great addition for professionals who need reliable internet.

For users with diverse hardware, the Anker 563 USB-C Hub works with Windows laptops, Dell XPS, ThinkPad, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. The hub works with most modern laptops and operating systems due to its broad compatibility. Users who switch platforms or devices benefit from this flexibility.

The Anker 563 USB-C Hub’s design and engineering allow it to perform multiple functions without sacrificing performance. The hub works well for data transfers, laptop charging, and multiple displays. Modern professionals need this multifunctionality for a smooth workflow.

Finally, the Anker 563 USB-C Hub’s $48 price with an on-page coupon makes it more appealing. Originally $95, the discounted price offers great value and savings. Users seeking a complete, high-quality docking solution at an affordable price should consider the Anker 563 USB-C Hub.

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