BLACK FRIDAY 2022 Bring Anker USB C Charger 20W For $11.99 [$5 OFF]

A 20W USB-C charger from Anker is available for the most recent iPhones to be charged quickly at the incredibly low price of just $11.99. The charger is currently advertised at a price of $12.99. However, you can save an extra $1 before paying if you clip the on-screen coupon. There aren’t any coupon codes available to experiment with here.

The iPhone does not come with a charger from Apple. In actuality, modern-day’s most well-known smartphone businesses don’t. Additionally, Anker is the business to contact if you need a backup charger or are purchasing your first one.

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They currently offer a fantastic 20W USB-C charger for sale, which is the ideal accessory for quickly charging any of the newest iPhones. It can, however, charge whatever gadget you may have, including Android phones, iPads, Nintendo Switch consoles, and even a set of AirPods. It is not simply limited to charging iPhones.

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You can relax knowing that your connected iPhone will remain safe throughout the entire charging process because Anker is renowned for its built-in safety features. The charger will turn off the power before you even see it if there is even a remote possibility of overheating.

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