iPhone Application Enabled Anker RoboVac X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is $200 OFF Right Now!

Anker RoboVac X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For $399.99, you can pick up the Anker RoboVac X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly, $200 on the original price.

Several media outlets, including Wired, Digital Trends, TechRadar, connect, and Good Housekeeping, have endorsed the RoboVac X8 Series. RoboVac X8 delivers up to 80% more airflow to take up more dust, debris, and pet hair from every part of your home, thanks to each turbine’s 2000 Pa suction force. In comparison to the single-turbine robotic vacuum from Eufy.

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RoboVac X8 scans your home with powerful LiDAR technology to intelligently navigate and avoid obstacles in real-time for more effective cleaning throughout your home, especially in low-light conditions. Save maps for many floors in your home so RoboVac X8 knows where it’s cleaning, whether it’s on the first floor, basement, or attic.

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The sheer force with which the dust is pulled in compacts the dust box, boosting the volume utilization rate by 127% and reducing the number of trips required to empty it. When compared to a robotic vacuum with a single turbine. Choose a room to clean, create no-go zones, view real-time maps, and even plan your next clean all from your smartphone app.

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