Anker Powerhouse 57600mAh Portable Rechargeable Generator Can Charge Your Tech Anywhere, $246 Today

Amazon has Anker Powerhouse 200 portable rechargeable generator on sale for a limited time. Right now it’s down to $245.99 only. This is an enormous discount as the generator usually sold for about $300. Only during the Black Friday and holiday season has it fallen to a lower price like this.

Stash this device into your go bag for unexpected events. Blog to a park without wondering where your laptop is going to be charged. Go for a walk and keep your phone on. This device has your back.

The Powerhouse 200 is a clean, silent generator that is rechargeable. You can load a MacBook Pro 5 times, phone 12 times, or run small equipment like a coffee machine or a mini-cooler. It will easily, reliably and safely fuel your batteries. The battery charge capacity for other devices is 57600mAh with 200 Wh.

It is possible to recharge the generator via USB-C Power Delivery, a wall loader or an AC adapter. You can even recharge it with solar energy.

It’s super flexible, basically. Anker also offers an 18-month warranty when you buy it.

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