Discounted Anker Power Strip with USB Ports Is Must Have For Your Work Desk!

Anker Power Strip with USB

The Anker Power Strip with USB Ports is now on sale for $17.99 at Amazon. Normally $22, today’s offer allows you to save 18% off the original price without using a coupon code at checkout.

The PowerPort Cube is the ideal charging station for your appliances and mobile devices that saves space. It’s small and light, so you can carry it around with you wherever you go. The inside components are protected by the sturdy, flame-resistant casing during an emergency. For greater safety and lifespan, a power cable with a thick coating can bear pressure.

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With three AC outlets and three USB ports, you can power anything on your desk from a single small hub. The USB connectors can generate up to 18 watts, while the AC outlets can deliver up to 1250 watts. Overload protection and a fire-resistant exterior secure your safety and those of your equipment.

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Deliver an ideal charge to USB devices using Anker’s acclaimed PowerIQ technology. Anker’s well-known smart charging technology detects connected devices and adjusts voltage output to provide a personalized, quick charge. It’s about the size of a tennis ball and has rounded corners to make transporting it easier.

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