Charge Your Multiple Apple Device At The Same Time On Anker Power Strip For $20

Amazon is currently offering the Anker Power Strip with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports for $19.99. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly $5.

From a single compact hub, you can power anything on your desk with three AC outlets and three USB connections (18W max output from the USB ports and 1250W from the AC outlets). Anker’s renowned smart charging technology recognizes connected devices and adjusts voltage output to give a customized, fast charge.

Refuel Your iPhone & iPad Outdoors With Anker 21W 2-Port USB Portable Solar Charger For $52 (25% OFF)

With Anker’s acclaimed PowerIQ technology, deliver an optimal charge to USB devices. For the greatest space savings at home or in your vacation bag, keep it around 12 cubic inches. To go where your power demands are without becoming an obstacle, it’s about the size of a tennis ball.

This Popular Boltune Wireless Sports Headphones Is The Perfect Choice For Your iPhone At $26 ($14 OFF)

Overload protection and a fire-resistant enclosure ensure that you and your devices are completely safe. Superior safety is provided by a strong rubber-coated power cord, fire-resistant enclosure, and overload protection.

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