iPhone: Anker 7.5W Magnetic Wireless Charger with USB-C Charger Bundle On Sale For $19 (Save 23%)

The Anker 7.5W Magnetic Wireless Charger with USB-C Charger Bundle is being sold today at Amazon for just $19.99. Today’s offer allows you to save 23 percent on the original price.

Allow the power to flow by magnetically attaching PowerWave to the rear of your iPhone 13. MagSafe compatible technology allows you to charge your iPhone 13 phone case. Non-MagSafe compliant casings are not recommended since they will cause loose connections.

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Enjoy all of your phone’s functions without being hampered by knotted, tangled charging wires. PowerWave Magnetic Pad Lite is compact and slim enough to fit into any everyday carry, with an 8.7mm thickness. It follows you from the office to your vacation. Secure your iPhone 13 with a snap. PowerWave stays connected to your phone thanks to a strong magnetic connection.

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To safeguard you and your devices, it has temperature control, foreign object detection, radiation shielding, and other advanced safety features. At any angle, you may use the full functionality of your iPhone while charging it. There’s no need for a direct cable connection, which frees up your iPhone’s solitary port.

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