Anker 60W Powerline+ USB C to USB C Cable Down to $9.99

At this very moment, the Anker 60W Powerline+ USB C to USB C Cable can be purchased from Amazon at a discounted price of just $9.99. This item had a previous selling price of $16.99; however, with today’s deal, you can save directly 41 percent off the original price.

Rapidly refuels devices equipped with USB-C ports, such as smartphones and tablets. enables transfer rates of up to 480 MB/s, which is equivalent to 100 songs being transferred every 5 seconds. If you utilize PowerLine+, you might not have to buy another cable ever again. It has been demonstrated to last at least five times as long as other cables, and it has a bend tolerance that is five times higher than that of other cables.

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It is without a doubt one of the wires that have ever been created that is the strongest. The double-braided nylon shell, the toughened aramid fiber core, and the laser-welded connectors that makeup PowerLine+ all contribute to the cable’s increased resilience from one end to the other. All of your USB-C devices are capable of transferring data to one another at a rate of up to 480 Mbps per second. That is an HD movie that was completed in under a minute.

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Includes a state-of-the-art carry bag that allows for the cable length to be readily customized by the user. In addition, provides an outstanding level of protection when relocating PowerLine+. Any phone charger, portable charger, or multi-port USB charger can be used in conjunction with this cord to charge your new MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, or any USB-C device.

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