Anker 2 Pack Dual Port 12W Wall Charger For Smartphone & Tablet Down To $12

Anker 2-Pack Dual Port 12W Wall Charger-min

Because our homes are filled with gadgets, it is never difficult to have some additional USB wall chargers. You can save on a pair of Anker’s 12W USB Wall Chargers on Amazon. The package isĀ reduced to only $11.89 for the next couple of days, saving 4 $off all your $16. The deal today is also one of the best deals ever seen.

These USB wall chargers have two USB ports each. They are able to detect which device is connected and to adjust the voltage output for an optimized charge using PowerIQ technology. You can also use both ports to load two devices simultaneously while itsĀ 11-Point MultiProtect security system ensures the proper charging of your devices

These two chargers are ultra-compact to prevent you from blocking the other AC outlet above or under it; they even have a foldable plug that makes them awesome in the backpack or case. You also have an 18-month warranty with your order, so you can quickly get a replacement if you have problems.

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