Anker’s New 10W Max Wireless Charger is Already On Sale At $11

Amazon offers Anker 10W Max Wireless Charger for $11 with a direct discount. This offer saves 30 percent off the regular price.

The PowerWave bridges the gap between wireless and wireless charging speeds with a high-efficiency chipset providing Samsung Galaxy’s 10W high-speed charging mode and a 7.5W charge mode to charge iPhones 10 percent faster than other brands.

iTeknic 6-in-1 USB C Adapter For Mac & iPad is Down At $18 (50 Percent OFF)

The LED indicator allows you to easily check your device’s charging status and is designed to be gentle enough that your sleep won’t be disturbed.

Don’t fumble with the case on your phone. Up to 5 mm thick, PowerWave charges directly through protective cases (not including cases with magnetic or metal attachments).

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