Andobil Boost 15W Fast Wireless Charger For iPhone X/Xs Max/Xs/Xr/8/8+ Drops To All Time Low Today

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly affordable, particularly if you are able to pick up a charger while it is on sale. Andobil’s Boost 15W Fast Wireless Charger offers one of the fastest wireless charging speeds out there, and you can now pick up one for just $23.99 when entering 9KTE2W3F promo code during checkout. That saves you 6 dollars off their regular cost.

This quick wireless charger is suitable for all Qi-enabled phones and has a soft blue status light to indicate when it works. It is made of sturdy metal and with its multiple safety features, your devices are protected from overcurrent, overheating, over-voltage and short-circuiting. Andobil even includes with its purchase a one-year warranty.

To power up this charger, you will need a dedicated USB wall adapter as one is not included in your purchase, so you may want to add one to your cart before checking out.

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