iPhone User’s Loves This Discounted Wireless Earbuds At $18!

AMZSMT True Wireless Earbuds

Right now, you can pick up the AMZSMT True Wireless Earbuds for $18.39. Normally selling for $22.99, today’s offer represents 20 percent discounts when you clip the on-page coupon.

The playtime of the two wireless Bluetooth earbuds is 5-6 hours on a single charge. The 650m charging case can recharge the earbuds for a total of 7 to 7.5 hours, providing you with 40 hours of continuous music. Worrying about the battery life doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your time out in the world. Pairing wireless headphones can happen when you take them out of the case and open the pairing from your phone or from the controls on the headphones themselves. practically child’s play.

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The adoptee of 13mm Graphene drivers allows you to have the perfect and bigger sound, thanks to the earbud’s unique sound cavity design. Impeccable clarity and distinct sound are further enhanced by precise tuning. In fact, you will immerse yourself completely in your own music. If you only want to use one of your earbuds, you can place it in stereo/mono mode.

Never worry about falling out of your earbuds while you are running with our completely in-ear design. The weight of the case is 2*2*2*oz. Even if you wear the case during intense workouts, there is no weight. Our Bluetooth earbuds meet the IPX5 requirements, which makes them ideal for workouts, which enables them to be IPX5 waterproof.

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When the battery is at 33% or below, only one light will be illuminated in the charging station. The battery needs to be between 33 and 66% charged for this to work. When the battery is fully charged, there will be three lights illuminated. Know the fact that our wireless earbuds will not affect your charging case’s battery life? Here’s an even better idea: They can be used with most iOS and Android devices, too. Work with the majority of devices. That’s a piece of cake.

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The original version could take a long time to pair, but now the pairing and connection are much more consistent, you can enjoy wireless headphones faster. One button to answer, one button to reject, one button to call, and another to activate voice, and another to proceed to the next song. knock the phones off your desks.

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