Amazon’s Top Rated Wireless Earbuds For iPhone Down To $24

Nowadays, Bluetooth headphones are appearing at lower prices, with more smartphones digging in favor of a slimmer design. Take American EQ 27 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Back Bay Audio, for instance. These headphones debuted on Amazon earlier this year for just under $30, and today, when you enter Runner15p promo code during checkout, you can snag a pair for just $23.78. That’s not just the lowest price we’ve ever seen them reach, but a pretty stellar deal overall for Bluetooth headphones in general— especially those that are as well-rated as these.

The American EQ 27 headphones are tuned to achieve a classic “American Hi-Fi” sound with strong bass, relaxed midrange, and crisp highs. They are designed to fit athletes, avid listeners, and casual music fans alike, and as such, they are sweatproof, splashproof, and can last on a single charge for up to eight hours. These headphones also feature an integrated microphone to allow you to take hands-free calls.

These headphones even allow you to adjust their EQ from a Signature sound to one that is best for rap tracks and EDM tracks, to one that even punches rock sound and to a mod that is ideal for podcasts and calls with five EQ sound adjustments. There is also a Clean Classic setting while built-in controls enable the volume to be adjusted, track switching, etc.

Back Bay has several earrings so that you can adapt to fit the best. With this purchase, you will receive a one-year guarantee. More than 100 customers left Amazon for the headphones with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

For a total of $25 or more or on an Amazon Prime account Amazon provides free shipping. You want to add something checked to your cart to the minimum for free shipping, such as a handful of chewing gum, given that your total already is close to 25.

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