Amazon’s Newly Released Tablet is Already Sale On Amazon

All-new Fire HD 8 tablet-min

Amazon has upgraded its popular and affordable Fire HD 8 tablet with increased speed and add something everybody is happy to see – a USB-C port to recharge. The tablet needs a refresh for some time, so it’s wonderful to see some love gets from it. There is a smart new Fire HD 8 Plus tablet that even includes Qi wireless charging.

They now have a 2.0 GHz processor, starting with the cheaper model, which is around 30 percent faster than the outgoing model. However, it still has four cores. Amazon added more RAM to the mix, with the order of the day now being 2 GB as an upgrade to the previous 1.5 GB. The storage has also doubled, starting from 32 GB.

The only other note change is the addition of a USB-C for charging, something we really want to see. The price begins at $89.99, however, Amazon is offering a $20 discount if you buy two.

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