Amazon’s Kindle Devices Are Down To Black Friday Prices For A Limited Time

You are lucky with today’s deals on Amazon Kindle devices when your New Year’s decision is to read it more frequently. Several Amazon e-readers today have dropped back to their black Friday rates, although they probably have very limited discounts in time so that you will order soon to avoid disappointment.

The new Kindle PaperWhite is the finest and lightest model ever, chosen by us as the best Kindle in 2019. It has an integrated adjustable light for night reading and a glare-free screen is also easy for your eyes. You can read it on the beach or in the bathroom, waterproof. It can also connect to your audiobook headphones. The battery takes weeks at a time and is higher than the original Kindle display. The purchase of Kindle Unlimited today includes even three months free so that you can try out Amazon book subscription service free of charge.

The Paperwhite has special lock screens that are tastefully crafted and unobtrusive, but without special offers, you can make the same savings for the models. Other models including more storage and free cellular connectivity versions can be obtained at up to $50 Off.

The latest Amazon Kindle is ideal for reading books every day. It even provides an adjustable front light for night reading in the dark or outdoors. The 167ppi glare-free display looks and likes real paper, so when you read under sunlight or the sky, you don’t have to think about the glare or reflections. You can highlight passages, search for words, translate and more on the page. Moreover, because it’s a book-dedicated tablet, it has a battery design that can last for weeks.

The Essentials Bundle can also be upgraded. It’s also $30 off to $94.99 from its normal price of $125. The package contains the kindle, a cloth cover and a charge wall adapter.

The new Kindle children’s version is great for children who like to read and can save you money in the long term. The FreeTime Unlimited subscription allows your child to read thousands of popular books and series, including Harry Potter Series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and more to avoid a bunch of expensive books for a day or two. It also provides movies, sports, podcasts, TV shows, music and more available on your smartphone or tablet using the FreeTime Unlimited app. With today’s purchase, you can choose between Blue or Pink protection cases or two fun designs you can pick. A 2-year worry-free guarantee will also protect your new e-reader.

The Kindle is very different from having a tablet because it is designed to read books. Your child will not be able to play games, watch videos or see advertising so that they will not distract from what they focus on. It can last for a week with a rechargeable battery and is easy to read even outside thanks to the black & white glare-free display.

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