Amazon All-New Kindle is $30 Off Today, Now $60 Only

Honestly, from 24-hour news to YouTube to social media to streaming apps, with all the media we’re spammed with on a daily basis, it’s nice to let your imagination do the job. Curl up this winter by the fire and read a book. The newest Kindle e-reader from Amazon is on sale for $59.99 at a low price. For the e-reader, this is a new low since it was released in March. We’ve seen it fall as low as $65 before, but those deals have always disappeared pretty fast.

The Essentials Bundle can be updated as well. It’s also $30 off, down from $125 to $94.99. The bundle consists of the Kindle, a fabric cover, and a charging wall adapter.

The newest Kindle from Amazon is well-designed to read books at any time of the day. It even contains an ergonomic front light to allow you to read at night in the dark or out. The 167 PPI glare-free screen looks like real paper, so you don’t have to think about glare or reflections when trying to read in the sun or in the rain. Passages can be highlighted, words looked up, translated, and more directly on the page. Plus, as it’s a book-specific tablet, it’s designed with a battery that can last for weeks.

Amazon offers an enormous selection of millions of books. Every month, Prime members can even get free books. You might also register and read as many as you want with Kindle Unlimited. For six months, it’s on sale for $30. The Kindle even works with Audible to use a pair of Bluetooth headphones or speakers to play audiobooks. Audible is also currently being discounted for 3 months at $6.95 a month.

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