This Discounted Portable Power Station Is Great For Refueling Your Apple Device Outdoors, $195 Only (Save $105)

The ALLWEI 300W Portable Power Station is on sale right now at Amazon for just $195. Today’s offer allows you to save directly $65 on the original price and clip the on-page coupon to score an extra $40 discount.

The ALLWEI 300 has a 280 watt-hour (26Ah, 10.8V) car-grade lithium-ion battery pack, so there’s no need for fuel or gasoline, no fumes, and no noise. The Allwei300 portable power station is intended for use in outdoor activities or as an emergency power source. The small size combined with the large capacity (280Wh/78000mAh) can meet your demands for a short journey or as an emergency power source.

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The wall AC socket, solar panel (built-in MPPT), car cigarette lighter port, and gas generator can all be used to refuel this solar generator. Take it with you everywhere you go and never worry about running out of power. For your outdoor emergency, a flashlight with an SOS light design is convenient. Two pure sine wave AC outlets provide a safer charge for your sensitive gadgets than a modified sine wave and clean power from the utility.

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When the unit gets hotter, the built-in Smart and Silent Cooling Fan will automatically turn on to keep the unit at a steady temperature without operating the fan constantly. It is more environmentally friendly due to its low-noise and gas-free design.

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