AirPods Pro Are Back In Stock While The Second Generation Model Falls To $129

This is an amazing turn of events that we certainly did not see coming. In light of a novel coronavirus outbreak that has swept across the USA and the rest of the world, Amazon announced last week that it will stop re-stocking non-essential items and mainly focus on essential things like health care. It is surely understandable and Amazon said it will last in April for at least a couple of weeks. It looks like Apple earphones were considered vital, though, as Amazon just restored all three models and slashed the AirPods entry-level back to their all-time lowest price last year on Black Friday.

Go to Amazon right now and you’ll find AirPod 2 for just $129 on sale, a huge $30 price reduction from the $159 that you’ll pay when you order an Apple pair. This is the latest release of popular truly wireless earbuds from Apple and you’re not going to find a better deal anywhere. You won’t find the same deal elsewhere, because other discount dealers currently charge either $139 or $149.

You will find that Apple’s AirPods 2 with the Wireless Charging Case also available for sale now at Amazon and can save the same $30 on the couple. This means you just have to cough up $169 instead of paying $199, as you would at Apple.

And finally, in the most strange move we saw today, Amazon has just restored AirPods Pro and they can be shipped right away, just such as the two different types of AirPods 2 earphones mentioned above. Obviously, AirPods Pro add silicone ear tips to active noise cancellation and sold out on Amazon last night. We doubt very much that they will be available for a very long time, so definitely take a pair it may already be too late.

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