Apple Discounts The Price Of AirPods Max In Silver By $69

New Apple AirPods Max

Amazon currently has the AirPods Max in Silver on sale for $479.99. As this is Amazon’s most significant reduction to date, you’re looking at a deal that’s $40 cheaper than the prior mention.

AirPods Max offers an unparalleled listening experience by mixing high-fidelity audio with industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation. Each component of their custom-built driver contributes to the development of extremely low distortion sound throughout the audible range. Each note has a new degree of clarity, from the deep, rich bass to the precise mids and crisp, pure highs.

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Over-the-ear headphones have been completely redesigned. AirPods Max combines the ear cup to the canopy for an uncompromising fit that ensures an airtight seal on varied head shapes and immerses you in every sound.

The AirPods Max maintains the AirPods family’s wireless, seamless brilliance. They ensure that the listening experience is consistent across devices, from setup to Siri instructions.

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Computational audio combines expert acoustic design with the Apple H1 processor and software to create ground-breaking listening experiences. For a personalized fit, it incorporates a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions. The combination of straightforward setup, on-the-fly detection, and smooth device switching results in a fantastic experience.

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