Add Two iPhone Wireless Charger From Anker At Just $24 Today

Before they find a way for the very air to hold a wireless charge and just constantly juice all of our devices as we walk around, you’ll still need pads and stand around your home to rest on your wireless charging cellphones. You’ve been covered with that by Anker today. Consider this wireless charging kit that includes a PowerWave pad and stands on sale with code M252411D on Amazon for just $23.99. This package actually sells for 35 dollars most of the time, but it’s just $24 now and the code blows away some more bucks. It’s one of the best prices we’ve ever seen.

Keep the angled stand on your nightstand so you can binge some cartoons in front of your bed while charging your phone. Keep the pad on your desk so that all notifications won’t distract you while your phone is being refilled. And hold them together so that you can charge them together with your friend. Communicate more with partners who charge together.

Both devices work with mobile devices running Android and iOS. You’ll get something out of Anker’s bundle as long as it has Qi-certified wireless charging. Apple iPhones are given 5W and Samsung Galaxy phones offer 10W high-speed charging if you use a strong enough wall adapter.

All chargers have safety built-in. Safety features include overvoltage protection, temperature control, detection of foreign objects, and more.

You want to get a solid wall adapter as there’s no one in this bundle. For each phone, you’ll really need one so grab two if possible. The Anker 18W USB wall charger ensures that you receive the fastest possible charge from your wireless pad or stand.

Two micro USB cables and an Anker 18 month warranty are included in the bundle.

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