Add More Lenses To iPhone With 11-in-1 Erligpowht Lens Kit For $13

It can be annoying to try to work with less than an alarm device in an area where smartphone cameras can compete with some DSLRs. With the help of this Erligpowht 11-in-1 camera lens kit, you may not have a fancy state-of-the-art wide-angle night vision neural-powered camera in your pocket, but you can still take awesome pictures. Even at a discount, you can do it. Just click this link and add the item to your cart, which will drop from $23.99 to $10.99. By spending at least $25 or using Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping.

To transform your photos, this lens kit includes 11 different pieces. Use the fisheye lens to take landscape shots with the wide-angle lens or goofy portraits. Using the kaleidoscope or starburst lenses, you can even get neat effects and use the colored lenses provided to add your own filters. Basically, you clip a base over the camera of your phone and then screw the lens you try to use in. Nearly any smartphone is compatible with the clip-on base. For safekeeping and extra convenience, each included piece can be stored in the included carrying case. The manufacturer also includes an 18-month warranty and a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Based on an average of 232 reviews, Amazon customers give the kit 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You may want to pick up a smartphone tripod if you’re trying to take group photos, long exposures, or sweet time-lapses. A ring light clip-on can make your pictures stellar as well. Fortunately, both of these accessories are quite affordable, just like the lens kit.

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