Add iClever Wireless Car Charger For Your Smartphone At $24 (Usually $37)

The wireless car charger iClever 10W is down to $24.14 on Amazon. You get this price by slicing the 5 percent coupon on the site and check out by using the code MOUNT2599. Both discounts combine to reduce the cost from $37 to $24.14. And actually, the charger tends to sell more regularly for a couple of dollars, so you save a little more. This deal will not last forever as coupon codes tend to disappear quite quickly, so take it as long as possible.

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Give up to 10W of wireless charging power to your Android phone. Your iPhone can go as high as 7.5W, while others can go as high as 5W. The iClever mount is intelligent enough to know which device is attached to it and to charge it as quickly as possible.

In some other ways, it is clever too. It has an automatic infrared touch sensor, for example. This sensor will automatically open the holder when you put your phone in the area so that you can secure and tighten your phone quickly and easily. This makes it really easy and something you can do with one hand, to place your phone. After that, you just have to align the phone center with the charging coil. This power is still working when the car is turned off, because it does not need much power to it, but there is also a release button if the touch sensor never stops responding for anything.

The charger has integrated safeguards against such things as overloading, over current, over-voltage, short circuits, etc. You are going to keep your equipment and your car safe. Choose to place it on air ventilation or on your windshield or dashboard by means of a suction cup. It also has a rotating ball join of 360 degrees, which supports your phone in any situation.

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