Add External DVD Drive To Your Mac For $15 Only

First (98% positive lifetime feedback) via Amazon is offering the M WAY Dual USB 3.0/USB-C Portable DVD Player / Burner for $14.99 when the MTUGO7QH code is used at checkout. This is a 40% discount from its $15 rate and is one of the best prices we’ve ever tracked.

Although most new laptops do not have an integrated DVD drive, either USB 3.0 or USB-C is on the side. No external power is required for this portable DVD player and burner, and the cable is built-in for greater portability. 4.1/5 stars rated.

For $13 USB 2.0 DVD player, disengage the self-powered feature and built-in cables. This model is great to use at a desk because it requires a separate power cable and a larger USB-A cable to USB-B.

If you have a newer computer, we would recommend that you spend the extra few bucks and use the option above as it sports a newer USB 3.0 and USB-C built-in.

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