Add Bluetooth & Dual Port For Smartphone Charging To Your Old Vechile With This $13 Device

It’s odd to drive a car today without Bluetooth. There is nobody who wants to be constantly subjected to the same 12 radio songs. Using the Anker Roav SmartCharge F0 and take advantage of empty stations. Usually, this multipurpose gadget sells for $17, but you can buy one now at Amazon for $12.79. This is one of the best deals on this product that we have ever shared.

Anker’s Roav SmartCharge takes the car’s lighter plug and transforms it into a powerhouse. The tool is a Bluetooth FM transmitter, which takes the signal from your phone and transmits it via an empty radio station. Apps such as Clear FM can be used to find the appropriate station anywhere. No more strange radio advertisements or chattering hosts. Whether this is an audiobook or your favorite Spotify playlist, you will be able to play whatever you want. You can also take hands-free calls with the SmartCharge F0 and their microphone sound suppression guarantees that anyone who is on your other side can hear you clearly.

The tool is a car charger, too. It features two PowerIQ high-speed USB-A ports to ensure quick and safe uptime of the connected devices. There is no overheating, excessive current, or other nonsense you will have to deal with. Based on almost 4,500 reviews on average, customers left the product with 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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