Add 500 GB To Your Laptop With Discounted Samsung X5 Portable SSD

In general, Amazon sells a Samsung X5 500 GB of portable SSD these days for about $220, although it sold it for up to $300 in the past year. Fortunately, right now it is down to only $199.99. That is the best price match to date, but we don’t know how much longer the discount will last.

Portable SSDs have always been desirable because, due to all the moving parts, hard drives, including great ones such as the Seagate Backup Plus Slim, are slower and far more fragile. There are no moving parts on solid-state drives. They are usually also much more costly, unfortunately. Samsung’s T5 portable SSD lineup was among the most popular portable consumer-level SSDs around and still runs much more than your typical portable hard disk.

The newest X5 SSD’s use a mix of Thunderbolt 3 and NMVe technology, which offer internal SSDs such as the 960 Pro, much quicker than the T5 or every other portable drive. The speeds of reading and writing are 2800 Mbps and 2300 Mbps. Read/write speeds of the T5 are only 540 Mbps, to put this into perspective. The X5 has a metal body outside and the bottom is slipper-free. It is shock-resistant and drop-proof up to 6.6 feet, even if you still want to find a case for an additional layer of protection with your order. In addition, there are safeguards to prevent overheating. You can also use portable SSD software from Samsung to encrypt sensitive data and password protected files.

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