Add 36W Dual Port USB Type-C To Your Car & Enable iPhone – iPad Fast Charging For $23

It’s a world of the USB-C! Continue up or get out! Everything is changing and shifting into USB-C. The Scosche Powervolt 36W dual-port USB-C car charger for $22.99 is available instead of just purchasing conversion cables or dealing with your old normal USB ports. The charger usually sells for about $30 and has never fallen like this directly. You save $7 and can charge two of your USB-C devices simultaneously.

Power Delivery 3.0 is used by this charger with an unbelievably fast charging speed that is much faster than regular USB chargers. It can also load two units up to 18W per port simultaneously. You will get all of it mixed up and topped before you even hit your final destination, whether you have several devices or a phone and a laptop or anything else that’s USB-C compliant.

The charger also has a blue LED indicator, so you know when the adapter gets power and when the 12V outlet really overtakes your connected devices.

Thanks to the integrated safety features, you will also protect your devices. You need not worry about overcharging, overheating, or anything like that if you use older devices. The charger isn’t messed up and your phone won’t mess up.

It is broadly compatible with anything using USB-C or convertible into a USB-C compatible system. Load your smartphones of iPhone or Android. Your Nintendo Switch, digital camera or any other device can also be powered up. For any of your older devices that do not have USB-C by design, take a USB-C to USB-A cable or Anker’s USB-C to Lightning. More and more devices will mainly be built with USB C while the world continues to rotate and you want to be ahead.

With a three-year guarantee and lifetime technology support, Scosche backs up this car charger.

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