Add 16.4ft LED Strip Light To Your Bedroom For Just $10 With This Special Deal

Backlighting behind your TV, computer desk, or bed is not as expensive or troubled as you might think. The Linkind RGB Waterproof Light Strip Kit at Amazon is down to only $9.90 when using the ZLLJBNFK promotional code. This saves you $12 off its price, and it’s lower than ever before without a code.

This kit includes a 16.4-foot LED strip that can be reduced to the size when required. It can switch between 8 solid colors and3-color,7-colorand16-color options for a multi-colored appearance. There are different ways to switch between, including static, flickering, meteor and more. However, it is important to know that when the strip is cut, some modes will be affected.

The IP65 certification is one of the best attributes of this light strip kit; the strip is water-resistant, which allows you to use it indoors or out, regardless of the weather. Screws and reinforcing loops are included with the product to ensure it is correctly held down when used outside.

In contrast to other Amazon backlighting options, this model can only be controlled with the remote control provided. If you want a smarter model that can be controlled or programmed to turn on and off with your smartphone, this Govee Backlight Kit offers a better match and is currently available for less than $30.

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