Act Quick To Grab PNY Elite 128GB USB C Flash Drive For Mac & iPad At Just $25

It is always worthwhile to seize the opportunity not to put money in the pockets of large corporations! Right now, Amazon offers a decent discount on a beautiful memory-based USB-C product offered by PNY, one of the world’s leading hardware manufacturers.

Once upon a time, all available flash drives and products of this nature were designed to look the same and all offered compatibility with the same limited number of devices in the not too distant past.

Things have progressed a little, fortunately, and we now have products on the market that are a little more versatile and take product design in a different direction from the boring old drives we used to.

So let’s introduce you to some great savings with an internal capacity of 128 GB on the PNY Elite USB-C-based thumb drive. We couldn’t argue that this is one of the most beautiful products on the market, but it certainly deviates from the older design paradigms of this product type. The profile is much smaller and it is a more compact and portable product overall, which should always be at the heart of this type of accessory in all honesty.

The drive itself is compatible with most USB 3.1 Type-C host devices and is capable of delivering read speeds of up to 130MB / s and transfer speeds 2x faster than those found with older USB 2.0 drives. These speeds won’t set any records, but if you come from a drive of this kind based on older USB 2.0 technology, you’ll definitely get the benefits right away. In essence, you will get a product that enables you to use 128 GB of versatile storage as you see fit and compatible with a range of laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Save some of your hard-earned pennies on this purchase from the direct product link. The price is likely to rise earlier than later, so make sure you act quickly and save.

Oh, and yes, you’ll be able to use this on 2018 iPad Pro models as well with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.

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