$80 GGMM E3 Bluetooth WiFi Speaker With Alexa Built-In Today $30 Only

In Amazon, you can pick up the Alexa Bluetooth GGMM E3 at 63 percent off. It goes to $79.99 on a regular basis, but entering the GOTKKGVS code while checking out saves more than $50 off its purchase. There is no word exactly for how long the coupon is valid, so if you want it you shouldn’t miss it. Both black and white models work in code.

In the living room, you may already have an Amazon Echo to monitor your smart home or an echo display to set times and search for recipes in the kitchen. When you enter the Ecosystem of the Amazon, you will soon want Alexa’s Assistant in all rooms. One area where you probably don’t already have the Echo is your bedroom, and the E3 adds to it perfectly.

First, it works as an alarm and has an LED clock. This is a basic, but very useful feature. However, the best thing about E3 is how Alexa works. It is not hands-free as your other Echo smart speakers, sounding like an inferior at first blush, but actually it means that you don’t have an always-on mic in your bedroom. Rather, you trigger Alexa to hear on the top of the device with a physical button. Alexa can basically do all it could on Amazon’s own hardware once triggered, including controlling your smart home, streaming music from different services, setting alarms and timers, and more.

The GGMM E3 is fitted with two 2.5-inch 20W full-frequency speakers and two 3-inch passive radiators reinforcement bass sounds loud and clear. You can also send music to the speaker via Bluetooth or AirPlay via Alexa to locate and play music for you. It supports even multi-room audio so that you can put up to 16 speakers across your home and easily control them all.

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