$60 Twelve South BookArc Mod For MacBook Drops To $20 For Today Only

Did you know that while the display is closed, you can continue using your MacBook? Hooking it up to an external monitor, along with a keyboard and mouse, allows it to continue running as Apple calls it in “closed-clamshell mode.” The Twelve South BookArc mod was designed to make this mode more feasible by placing your MacBook vertically in a space-saving booth to give you more room to work, and Amazon offers it at its lowest price of just $19.99 today. That’s a full $40 off its regular cost, although on average it tends to sell there for about $55.

Not only does the BookArc mod make your desk look smoother, but it can also help protect your computer against spills and other messes. The stand features an integrated cable catch design that helps prevent cables from falling behind your desk when you disconnect them, while its modern wooden design enhances your MacBook’s airflow and matches its high-quality level. It’s been designed for specific Apple MacBook models, so you’ll want to check the list on Amazon’s product page to make sure yours fits properly.

You can also save nearly $20 right now on Twelve South’s Curve stand, which is a better choice for those who do not have an external monitor available to use alongside the BookArc mod.

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