500 GB Samsung T5 Portable SSD Are Great For Mac & iPad Pro, On Sale For $80

The portable solid-state drive of the Samsung T5 500 GB is down to just $79.99 at Amazon, a match for the lowest it’s ever been. Although it hasn’t been sold for some time, it still averages around $190 for its list price of $130. The selling price applies to the models of blue, gold and red.

In a perfect world, it would be as inexpensive to use portable solid-state drives as portable hard drives. After all, the main feature of SSDs is that they don’t have moving parts, which makes them perfect for carrying on-the-go data. Hard drives are much more likely to fail when knocked or trampled on the subway in your backpack. We’re not there yet, unfortunately. Fortunately, this deal shaves off the top some of that cost and you get a really good product out of it.

The T5 features fast read and write speeds of up to 540 Mbps, as well as optional password protection and hardware encryption with AES 256-bit. It’s so small it can fit in your hand’s palm as well. Samsung has two cables so you can connect it directly from the box to either a USB-C or a standard USB port.

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