$50 PNY’s 32 GB iPhone Flash Drive Down To $16 With Amazon’s One Day Sale!

Sales of these things don’t happen often, but you should take full advantage of them when they do and get everything that you need. Today, PNY offers up to 65 percent of its stock products, falling prices as low as $15. Flash drives, micro, and full-size SD cards, mobile device storage and more are included in it, so you probably could use something when you check it out.

Over the past few months, we have seen price drops for microSD cards constantly and with this sale, you can buy a PNY Elite-X 128 GB microSD card for just $15.99, one of their best prices ever. It is on average $25 so the deal today is definitely worth it. The 256 GB PRO Elite edition is $32.99, which is about $5 less than the normal version for sales if you require more space. The cards are both reliable and easy to use, for action cameras, smartphones, drones, tablets, and PCs, etc. The 128 GB Elite performance card is sold for $15.99 for those who need a full-size SD card which is only one dollar more than the Black Friday price.

Portable storage is nice and flash drives are the perfect way to always keep a large number of your favorite and most important files with you. A bunch of these products is now on sale, from the affordable USB 3.0 PNY Turbo 32 GB drive for $14.99 to USB-C and Lightning (for iOS device) options that can be connected to your device directly to make it easy to backup your content and move data to your computer.

It is worth checking out the entire sale to see what is available. Before the promotion ends tonight, make sure you place your order.

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