$49 Apple Leather Case For iPhone Xs For $24 On Amazon Today

Select Apple Leather Case official styles for iPhone XS are on sale at Amazon for as little as $24.99 while supplies last. We seldom see these cases dropping below $35, with $25 being the lowest ever attained by some. These cases can be found at prices of up to $50 per piece more commonly.

The Black case is the only option priced at $24.99 at the time of this post, while the cases of Saddle Brown and Taupe are on sale at $26. It is important to note that the Taupe case currently estimates a one-to two-month wait for the shipping delay.

These cases were designed by Apple exclusively for the iPhone XS, and as such they perfectly fit the device without adding bulk. Each is made for European leather that is specially tanned and finished, with a soft-to-the-touch outside that will develop over time a natural patina. Also inside there is a microfiber liner to help protect your device.

The Apple Leather Case is even thin enough so wireless chargers won’t be interfered with; you won’t have to take it off to power up wirelessly.

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